Project workshop with Nur-Sultan City Akimat and representatives of environmental service utilities of the city

On 29 April 2021, the project team held a workshop about the objectives and implementation potential of the project in Nur-Sultan city. The workshop was held in hybrid mode and was attended by representatives of municipal authorities and several relevant institutions and departments of the city, including: the Head of Communal Services Department of Saryarka district, Akim office of Nur-Sultan city, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Astana Innovations JSC, the Deputy General Director and the Chief Engineer and the Head of Operation Department of SUE “Elorda Eco Systems”, the Chief Manager of the Center of Smart Projects Development of “Astana Innovations” JSC, the Head and the Deputy Head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management at the Akimat of Nur-Sultan city, the Deputy Akim of Esil and Saryarka districts of Nur-Sultan city for Sanitary Maintenance and Improvement, the Head of Construction and Prospective Planning Department, the Head of Public Services in the Regulation of Natural ResourceManagement and Law of the Office of the Nur-Sultan city, staff members of Nazarbayev University and NU Technopark.